EVAP Investment is a Joint Venture between a leading Abu Dhabi organization, The Remah International Group (RIG) and O2K Limited.

RIG consists of a Group of UAE companies, and a number of International Joint Ventures.

The structure of the group (RIG) has been created in a way that allows a more targeted approach to both the defense and commercial market sectors, by having individual companies specializing in certain areas relating to their markets.

Turning Vision Into Reality

This approach gives the client End User a more specialised team, dedicated to that particular field and it also gives the OEM’s a smaller, more focused approached from the group, offering them a very personalised service.

Bringing the Latest, Smartest and Innovative Technologies to the UAE

RIG continue to identify the latest, smartest and innovative technologies for our customers and clients. This also includes identifying opportunities to bring strategic technologies, IP and manufacturing capabilities to the UAE.

Technologies in our portfolio include:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Technology to support the warfighter
  • Exoskeleton Training and warfighting Systems
  • Vision-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the warfighter
  • Cutting edge Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)
  • Intelligent Sentry Platforms for warfighter force multiplier
  • Fiber optic, MEMS and RLG-based components and systems for land, sea, air and space guidance and navigation
  • Table, Wall, Tunnel, Room and Stage Holographics
  • State-of-the-Art Tactical Gear and Optics
  • Additive Manufacturing Software and Hardware Innovations
  • K9 Utilization

Our Capabilities

RIG offers a full product and service portfolio across its, Group, Partner and Joint Venture companies. The capabilities contained within the Group to deliver our portfolio include; Business Development, Strategic and Tactical Planing and a range of professional services.

We also manufacture, offer maintenance contracts and a range of ancillary services to suit our clients’ requirements.

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