EVAP Investment LLC Joint Venture Signed

REMAH International Group and O2K Limited Launch “EVAP Investment LLC”,
a Joint Venture to Drive Economic Value Add Program Development in the UAE

“EVAP Investment LLC” to establish groundwork for the UAE’s next generation of technology-driven growth, underpinned by Economic Value Add Programs.

Abu Dhabi, UAE – April 11, 2022: Remah International Group (RIG), one of the UAE’s most respected private companies and O2K Limited, a globally recognized company specializing in economic value add programs such as offset and in country value program development and implementation, today announced the formation of “EVAP Investment LLC” (EVAP). “EVAP Investment LLC” is aligned with the vision of the UAE, and the latest “UAE Projects of the 50” Initiative and will facilitate development of projects and programs to bring sustainable and strategic technologies and capabilities to the UAE via offset, in country value and other economic value add initiatives.

His Excellency Mohammed Khalfan Al Qamzi, Chairman, Remah International Group said: “EVAP Investment LLC” combines the strengths of RIG and O2K to create a unique company that will engage global industry and local stakeholders to help foreign companies achieve their goals whilst at the same time contribute ongoing economic value to the UAE, delivering new technologies and jobs for local citizens and residents.”

Ms. Kim Schofield, Founder and Managing Partner , O2K Limited and Managing Director, EVAP added: “The creation of EVAP Investment LLC, is a testament to the long-term vision, reputation and strength of our partnership, that will encourage and enable our global clients to establish a long-term presence and become an integral and sustainable part of the UAE’s economy.”

About Remah International Group

As a fully privately owned entity, Remah International Group (RIG), at its core, maintains the strongest levels of TRUST with its clients. Founded over 30 years, RIG was built by the people of the UAE – for the people of the UAE, to serve some of the most complex and confidential requirements, achieving growth through consistent delivery of TRUST, INTEGRITY, and RELIABILITY.

For more information visit https//riguae.com or write to info@riguae.ae.

About O2K Limited O2K

Created in partnership with Offsets 2000 Ltd., in 2013, to provide sustainable economic program solutions for its clients. O2K enjoys strategic relationships with globally recognized government and parastatal entities, and serves all stakeholders in the economic value add program ecosystem, including industry, government, academia, and industry.

For more information visit www.o2kltd.com or write to info@o2kltd.com

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